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Rejuvenating Summer Yoga Retreat with Lynne Jarrett £375


Lynne will begin your weekend with a welcoming and relaxing yoga class followed by your evening meal which will of course be healthy and gorgeous!! Saturday morning will begin with an energising yoga practise, followed by a deep relaxation to give you a burst of energy for the rest of the day. There will be another yoga session in the early evening, so you will have some free time to do whatever you feel like in the afternoon. Your evening practise will be designed to help you sleep well at night so that you wake up Sunday morning feeling refreshed and ready for your second energising morning practise. Before we leave on Sunday afternoon, we will close the retreat with a meditative practise which will help us set our intentions for self care beyond the retreat and hopefully help us get into great healthy habits from then on.


Please get in touch here to book your place

The total cost of the retreat is £375 per person based on shared accommodation (mostly 2 per room, some 3 per room)

A non-refundable deposit of £175 is required to secure your place. The remainder of the balance is due 6 weeks at the latest before the retreat is due to run

You can pay me online via internet banking or in person via cash or cheque. Feel free to call Lynne on 07515917169 to ask me any questions you may have prior to booking.

What people have said about Lynnes' retreats

Lynne thank you again for opening me up to the world of yoga I am so grateful and thanks for organising an amazing retreat…...Marie


I didn’t want to come home.  Why would I? The surroundings are stunning, the accommodation is just so charming. The food is delectable.  In spite of my protestations of eating too much, OMG I lost 4lb!  YAY!!!  I really appreciate the love and care that you so gave to us.  Your sensitivity, your empathy, the way each class seemed to understand the place we were at that particular time.  What we wanted. And what we needed… And every time with warmth, kindness and humour…Carolynn


Thank you for organising such a lovely week.  It’s going to be hard to better it! ...Maryrose
I somehow floated through my first week back at work, and found myself smiling at colleagues, clients and members of the public alike….Jacky


Hopefully you will not need to cancel your retreat, however if you do, here are the Terms and Conditions which apply to this booking. Please read them carefully and get in touch if anything is unclear before you book your place.

1. Lynne can offer a full refund minus a £30 admin charge if I can fill your space. Lynne will refund you upon receipt of payment from the replacement booking.
2. If you are able to fill the space yourself, Lynne can offer a full refund with no charge, once I am in receipt of the full payment from your replacement booking.
3. Lynne can offer you a 100% refund (minus your £150 deposit) up to 6 weeks (42 days) before the retreat is due to run.
4. Lynne will offer a 50% refund on the remaining balance (minus your £150 deposit) up to 3 weeks (21 days) before the retreat is due to run. (i.e. your refund would be 50% of £365-£150=£107.50)
5.Anything less than 21 days before the retreat start date, Lynne will not be able to offer a refund unless you are able to fill your space yourself