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Health and Wellness Day Retreat with Playcation £145



Stop and rest a while, away from the hustle and bustle and worries of the outside world.

Feel your stresses drift away as you walk into a gentle, welcoming space that you just know you can relax.

As you find your way back to your body and begin to sink into your heart space you'll wonder why you didn't do this for yourself sooner!

As women it's too easy to get caught up in the need to do everything for everyone else, to run the home, to perform at work, to manage the finances, to take care of the relatives, to walk the dog, to cook the food, to buy the clothes, to wash the dishes, to plan the family holiday, to be the friend who is always in need, (tired yet?!) that you lose yourself in everyone else.

We are offering you a whole day to re-discover you.

All the things a retreat should be and far far more, led by Ruth, Su and Amy you'll be in the safest of hands and the warmest of hearts.

You'll connect to your body in a whole new way.

Open up to the amazingness that you already are as you write your superhero story for a confident and successful future.

You'll be guided and supported as you let go of those things that you don't want holding you back anymore and step into more of WHAT YOU DO WANT.

Is it time to get re connected and join us for the one day retreat you need?

To align your heart, body, mind and soul.


This day retreat is brought to you by Ruth and Amy from the Playcation Experience alongside Su Winsbury of Awaken the Woman Within.

The day is packed with their combined magic and wisdom working with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. All three of them are energy healers, coaches and therapists with combined backgrounds in all things body, movement, bio mechanics, massage, reiki, EFT, ME, CFS, and Fibromyalgia recovery. (and take a breath!)

Their intuition, internal knowings and experience from their own journey’s of self discovery have bought them to a point of delivering nothing short of magical transformations in the clients they work with. And be warned - they have a very very infectious sense of fun!

So yes, it is the ultimate health and wellness day retreat, but by heck there will be a lorra lorra laffs!! (laughs, if you managed to not say that in a Cilla Black voice!)


£145 for the day - all things included!

(***option to stay the night before or after at extra cost)

Only 12 spots available so grab yours today on the link provided.