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Power, Presence, Healing and the Divine Feminine with Goddess Isis with Allison Kelsey £450 Two Places left


Power, Presence, Healing and the Divine Feminine with Goddess Isis

Goddess Isis is the very essence of the Divine Feminine or Shakti power and her name means: “Woman of the Throne”. She is devoted to empowering women and stands for the awakened woman (versus the wounded woman).

She supports every woman in her quest to reclaim her power and take responsibility for her own healing journey on every level, (Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)

She awakens the innate healing ability within us all and empowers us to use the healing power of LOVE and GRATITUDE to raise the energy body to connect to Source.

I soften

I strengthen

I show up

I surrender

By connecting in with the many aspects of Goddess Isis, we will align to our truth, and give ourselves permission to soften. In that softness we will discover more strength have the confidence to show up fully, to live a fully expressed life…..and in so doing we surrender to the flow.

Having just run a Sunday mini retreat dedicated to Goddess Isis, I was overwhelmed by the power and energy in the room and have been guided to run this weekend retreat taking this work deeper.

This is open to all women ready to explore their connection to the Divine Feminine, via the Heroines Journey and Goddess Isis.

This weekend will be a mix of creative vinyasa flow yoga, soft restorative yoga, ritual, walking meditation, and more…..expect to dive in with all of your senses and have an embodied experience of being empowered by the Goddess as you connect to reconnect to your personal power.

This shows up in our everyday life in situations such as: being able to draw loving and firm boundaries, being able to say no without feeling guilty, committing to a practice of self care, creating harmonious relationships where you are able to merge with another without losing yourself, find renewed energy and enthusiasm for life, a sense of wellbeing and knowing you are your own best healer as we tune into our intuition and listen to what needs to be shed or embraced to enable us to live a fully expressed life.

Come and be willing to be playful, open, curious and dive deep. When we surrender to Goddess Isis, she will show us the way!


Embodying Shakti

Goddesses, I invite you to join me for this special weekend as I share all that I am passionate about with 4 aspects of Shakti; Durga, Saraswati, Kali and Lakshmi.

It is fascinating to to learn about the different aspects of Shakti, via the Goddesses, but it is only when we Awaken, Invoke and Embody them that we are aware of the inner resources we have and how they can be used practically in our every day life - whether that is in our intimate relationships, our business, career, family life, health, spirituality and deeper purpose in life.

Through the weekend we will go on a journey to meet each Goddess (and via the 4 elements of earth, water, fire and air. Expect dynamic flows and restorative yoga, yoga nidra, pranayama, ritual, journeying and journalling.

We will practise our yoga in the wonderful yurt, working in a circle....which is the natural way for women to gather and share. Tilton offers beautiful, boutique twin rooms, the most amazing, nourishing and warming food and a truly, special nurturing atmosphere.

As well as yoga in the yurt, there is a cosy library we can use for evening chats, and the most stunning grounds for walks in nature and a sauna. Our food is eaten in the beautiful, homely kitchen where we will enjoy 3 delicious meals per day.



4pm - Arrival
5.00pm - Opening ceremony and practise to soften, land and arrive.
7.30pm - Supper
9pm - Guided visualisation to the Healing Temples to meet Isis.

8am - Meditation / walking meditation
9am - Breakfast
11am - Yoga practise to connect into our power and presence and how we rise with Goddess Isis
1.30pm - Lunch
Afternoon free time
5pm - Practise dedicated to showing up in our truth, standing tall and centred.
7.30pm - Supper

** hopefully a fire ceremony in the evening.

7.30/8am - Meditation  / Pranayama
9am - Breakfast
10.30am - Surrender. We allow ourselves to surrender to the Divine Feminine and the magic of Isis.
12.30pm - Free time.
1.30pm - Lunch
2.30pm - Closing ceremony

Places are limited and all rooms will be on a twin share basis. (There are 2 rooms that can be used as triple share if you are 3 friends who wish to share a room).


The Full Booking price will be £450 per person.

If you would like to reserve your place a non refundable deposit of £100 is required.

The balance is due by 30th June 2019


“I have been to many of Ally’s retreats abroad and her day retreats, the reason I keep coming back is because Ally has such a welcoming and warm nature. She’s a great teacher and I learn a lot from her yoga both physically and emotionally. Yoga makes me feel strong and ready to take on any challenge that comes my way. I also have a giggle in her classes and love the music she plays, she really knows how to make yoga fun!” ~ LORNA, LUTON

"There’s something for everyone at Ally’s classes. You can drop in for an amazing stretch or a life changing experience to something in between. I have laughed until I’ve cried and cried until I’ve laughed again." ~ CAROLYN, ESSEX

"Allison is everything you could ever want in a yoga teacher, she's a real life spiritual gangster. Her classes have something to offer everybody; whether you are looking for a new hobby, a different kind of workout, a deeper meaning to life or some much needed RnR, you can find it all in her studio. Her use of music and aromas create an escape from reality into a world of self discovery and spiritual awakening. Allison's intuition is incredible and she is always in tune with the energy of the class and with each individual. She will make you laugh, she will push you further than you thought you could go and she will open your eyes to another world. Yoga is such an important part of my life now and it has helped me get through some challenging times. No matter how I feel or what is going on in my life, I know that when I am in the yoga studio I am in a safe place full of love and compassion. ~ LUCY

"I love how Allison tailors the lesson to the classes needs so if we are tired then she'd change her plans to nourish us or if we are ready for a challenge, she has plenty of ideas where you end up upside down or stretched in places where you didn't think it was possible. Allison is warm, loving and fun." ~ B. ESSEX

"Your yoga for me is such a precious time, it centres, balances and reconnects me to my true self - it is an oasis in a busy world. You as a teacher give so much of yourself, you provide a safe, protected, caring and mindful space in which to share your knowledge, to nurture your students. You are a very special person, warm and supportive, innovative and professional. I love your classes because of you!" ~ T. ESSEX

"Every yoga class is a truly wonderful experience. The classes are diverse, challenging and fun with a lovely relaxation to finish. The studio is intimate and calming with fairy lights and great music. Allison is an amazing teacher and makes every class a real pleasure as well as a workout. Great for mind and body!" ~ LOUISE F