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Reflect and Recharge: 5 day New Year Yoga Retreat with Anna Taylor £725

  • Tilton House Firle BN8 6LL (map)


Anna is a senior yoga teacher, yoga therapist and mindfulness instructor based in London. Through a previous career in events management she understands the pressures and demands of juggling work and life that her clients experience.

Anna is passionate about equipping people with simple yet, practical tools to incorporate into their daily lives. Combining movement, breathwork, mindful-awareness and self-compassion she helps clients understand the interplay between their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and offers practices to find balance amidst the busyness.


Anna will be incorporating these styles of yoga into the retreat classes:

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa classes offer a more flowing practice, combining movement with breath. Classes build slowly; we begin by pressing pause from our day, connecting to our breath, and checking in with what we need from our practice in that moment. Sequences are offered at a pace that provides a sense of fluidity, whilst allowing time for correct alignment. Variations are offered so that the classes are open to people of all levels - from beginners to more experienced practitioners. Classes combine elements of mindfulness, pranayama (breath-work), postures (both flowing and held), meditation and relaxation.

Yin yoga

Eastern traditions recognise that true wellbeing comes from balancing the opposing energies of yin (calm / cooling) and yang (energetic / fiery). The demands of modern life however can often leave us operating constantly from this more driven, fiery side which, over long periods of time, can leave us tired and depleted. Yin yoga offers an antidote to this. In this largely seated-based practice poses are held for 3 minutes or longer, allowing muscles and connective tissue to gradual release. This process of letting go, both mentally and physically allows us to embrace stillness and quiet and surrender into the experience as it is.

Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga is a beautiful, therapeutic practice which promotes a deep sense of calm in both mind and body. In these classes the body is comfortably supported by props so that no muscular effort is required. Poses are held for between 5 and 30 minutes, allowing the nervous system to gradually drop into a deep relaxation.

About the classes

Anna's classes are suitable for yoga practitioners of all levels and are taught in an inclusive manner. She will adapt postures for those with injuries or conditions.

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Anna is passionate about mindfulness and self-compassion. Mindfulness and self-compassion are qualities that help us live with greater clarity, calmness and kindness. Through cultivating these qualities we are able to make wiser choices about how we respond to life's joys and challenges.

Mindfulness is about bringing our attending to our present-moment experience in a non-judgemental way. Self-compassion enables us to hold our experiences in a gentle, kind awareness so that we can open to our experience - especially those that are more challenging - with a balanced, kind attention rather than feeling overwhelmed or judging ourselves harshly for them.

Anna incorporates mindfulness and self-compassion in all her classes. This will support a nurturing and recharging focus for the retreat.


A range of massage treatments will be available, with the opportunity to unwind in the cedar wood sauna on site. Prices are £60/ hr payable in cash to the massuer.


The 5 day retreat is £725 per person (based on sharing a room) and includes all teaching, delicious food and accommodation.

Booking Info

Please contact Emma Bridge if you are interested: