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(All levels) Maximum 10 participants


Course Description

This 5-day residential course includes a certificate in Level 1 Crystal Sonic Therapy. An in-depth introduction to the therapeutic use of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, this is a 5 day residential of theory and practical exploration. You will learn to play the Alchemy Bowls confidently, gaining a solid and grounded foundation for personal, friends and family healing.  

All the Alchemy Bowls and harmonic sets will be provided by CSBUK.

No Crystal Singing Bowl purchase is necessary to attend this course.


Endorsed by Crystal Tones® - the creators of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls 

Registered by the CMA - Complementary Medical Association.

A certificate of completion will be provided by Crystal Sonic Practice*.




What is a ‘Crystal Sonic Attunement’?

Learn the history and development of Crystal Singing Bowls and discover how they are used today

Learn how the singing bowls are currently used as a healing modality across the world

How to set up and play the bowls with the all the various bespoke mallets (silicon, suede, rubber)

How to cleanse and take care of your Alchemy crystal singing bowl

How to protect the bowls when you travel

How the bowls heal the body, mind and spirit (Optimised by the speed sound travels through the water in the human body) 

How to change the vibration of your environment to create a space for optimal living and working

Understanding how the notes, frequencies and colours effect the individual and their chakras

How to use the bowls for relaxation, personal healing, intention, manifestation and abundance, integration, transformation and change of consciousness (healing of mind body - Sometimes referred to as ‘Quantum Healing’)

Experience the effects of crystal harmony and dissonance



Receive the Crystal Sonic Attunement Level 1

Advanced CST playing tips and techniques (connection, rhythm, sensitivity and perception)

Using the bowls to practice self love and self worth

Access the crystalline portal to inner wisdom and personal power

Playing directly to Source

Individual practice

Giving and receiving crystal sound healing sessions for yourself friends and family

Holding safe space for others. Practice awareness of the bodies healing response

Access to the Crystalline Consciousness and the Crystal Grid

Space Clearing CST techniques

Learning the Art of Receptive Response

Work with individual bowls and harmonic sets

Integration sound session with Genevra


*"Certification of Completion" by The Crystal Sonic Practice, a Complementary Medical Association registered course.


Course Booking: 
No Alchemy Singing Bowl purchase necessary to attend the course.* 
Early Bird price (date: TBC): £TBC
Standard price: £TBC

'Zoom' Online Video Conference on Theory (recorded for all/any students who cannot join), 18:00-19:00 GMT+1/BST. Date: TBC.

Priority will be given to students wanting to enrol on both this Foundation residential retreat and the weekend Practitioner Level 2 (non-residential) 4-5th July 2020 in London, UK.

Should you wish to buy an Alchemy bowl from Genevra and want to make use of the student discount before the foundation training, please book in advance your consultation (in person or via 'Zoom' Online Video Conference), appointment dates to be confirmed nearer the time. For more information please click here.

*All the bowls we work with over the Level One 5-day residential will be available to purchase and will be sent to you via courier the following week - unless otherwise agreed. (Tax free shopping available for international clients) 1.5hr one-2-one consultations (Online or in-person - Lewes) are available with Genevra £100. Please book in advance as Genevra’s diary can get very busy following training and retreats.