CHOOSING A retreat ?

If you would like a quick escape route from the urban sprawl without adding to your carbon footprint or wasting hours in stressful transit, Tilton offers unimaginable calm, with acres of unspolit downland and magic.

You’re invited to...breathe, relax and enjoy this lovely historic house. Stretch in the gardens. Stargaze at the fire-pit.  Take an uplifting walk up on the Downs to forage. Listen to the birdsong. Ghost-hunt for the Bloomsbury Group....or just curl up fire-side with a book. If you’d like to learn if Picasso, Virginia Woolf, or Keynes stayed in your room, you can discover more from reading a few books in the library....

Within 90 minutes of London, you could be feasting on delicious clean food for supper, foraged from Tilton Wood or grown on-site in our kitchen garden and orchard.

Menus are designed and chosen by our team of epicureans to thrill your palate and boost your energy.


Enjoy the awe-inspiring landscape, either fireside through the arched window in the library or breathing in the wide skies and sea air up on the Tor grassland. Firle Beacon is one of the highest points on the South Downs and rolls back to the track from the door. Its no coincidence that Virginia Woolf, Maynard Keynes, T.S.Elliot and other visionaries took their inspiration from wandering the wild ancient landscape to escape, muse and reflect. Dowsers tell us that ley lines run through the grounds and house, but simply taking in the botanical joys will raise the spirits.

During your retreat, you will have the chance to enjoy the locale outside of your practice, either by relaxing in a hammock, walking the Downs, visiting Charleston, enjoying a holistic massage or unwinding in the cedar wood sauna.

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