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Explore Your Patterns Retreat with Robyn Silverton & Alison Kelsey SOLD OUT



Join Robyn and yoga teacher/life coach, Allison Kelsey, as they collaborate on this healing yoga retreat to help you unwind from the tensions of daily life. 

In this relaxed and supportive space you will have the opportunity to reflect on any patterns/habits that are no longer useful and discover ways to make healthy changes.
Enjoy flow & yin yoga in a beautiful yurt, as well as deep relaxation, meditation, body work, guided self enquiry and lots of quality time in nature over the course of the weekend.

Tilton House offers twin rooms, wonderful food and a truly nurturing atmosphere.


For 30 years Robyn has worked with so many different clients who have all had one thing in common: they really wanted to feel better. Robyn knows that feeling well, having had serious health challenges since childhood. Spending time in hospitals has provided me with a great way to hone my beliefs around the personal journey of wellness. The positive outcome from these experiences is what Robyn is fiercely passionate about guiding people to be at their best.

In essence, she is a facilitator and motivator who gets to the heart of physical and emotional matter.  It is from this space of true awareness that lasting healing can happen.

Robyns' qualification as a physiotherapist gives her a wonderful foundation in the science of the human body. This has served as vital launchpad for all the holistic disciplines she has gone on to explore. Subsequent training in acupuncture, myofascial release, energy integration and yoga have all shaped how she works with people. More recently, she has finely tuned her intuitive skills by training as a sixth sensory practitioner. All of this has changed her focus from addressing purely physical symptoms to a wholehearted and holistic approach to every level of a client’s being.


£395 (fully inclusive.)


CONTACT:- directly for more details, to register your interest
and secure a spot.