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Retreat into Radiance - Cultivating replenishment & steadiness with Dan & Jonelle SOLD OUT



As we enter winter we can often find ourselves in friction as natures lure to slow down, simplify and connect with our authentic self gets snagged and hooked by the hustle and bustle of festivities, social commitments, and the excess that can encroach upon this infinite space with-in as we approach the festive season. This is why it is more important than ever to take time out, regain perspective, slow down and tune into the intelligence and Radiance of our bodies essence.

Dan and Jonelle have tailored this retreat to cater for all abilities, tastes and requirements. Their mutual love for including daoist and shamanic influences into their yoga classes means that students get to enjoy the overlaps & benefits of holistic/ healing practices from around the globe and explore techniques that deeply compliment and nourish their experience of yoga (union.)


Day-time practices:

These sessions will be your time to build stores of warmth and nourishing vital energy through steady flowing vinyasa yoga classes. Classes can be easily amped up or toned down through the many options and variations that Dan & Jonelle will have on offer for you (so you can be assured all abilities and levels will be warmly accommodated.)

Evening classes:

Lose yourself in the depths of longer, passive holds where the only thing you can do to get more out of each pose, is to try and do even less! The art of letting go and surrendering is at the core of yin yoga to reset the energetic body, de-compress and un-hook from the chatter of the mind.

Expect little special additions and sparkle to the weekend with nourishing shaman ceremonies to open and close your weekend of deep restoration, Kirtan evenings (chants to open the heart to the divine inner spaciousness and abundance) and Qi Gong (subtle movements to purify and unblock the bodies awareness and Qi ("Chi" - vital energy.)

With all of this on offer you might wonder where the doing nothing happens. Rest assured you will have an abundance of time to read, nap, explore the beautiful grounds of Tilton house or even book yourself into one (or two.. or three!) of the many massages and treatments on offer on-site.

Dan and Jonelle look forward to welcoming you for the weekend and are humbled with the opportunity to guide you into a restful radiant second wind before the demands of late December kick in.







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