POLly moore

Founder Polly was a filmmaker and urban dweller for eighteen years until illness caused her to take a solo writing sabbatical and a programme of healing in a circular hilltop folly in Sussex. She cultured a daydreaming habit, rode horses over the Downs and became inundated by friends and friends of friends who also wanted an escape in Nature to walk, feast and be. Together with Shaun Treloar They chose rambling Tilton House, bursting with Bloomsbury history, to open as a place for retreats and fellow daydreamers. To celebrate 10 years of running their adventurous business in 2017, she launched the Department of Wellbeing, a business for all like her, who are committed to living well!


A career in advertising as producer has meant Shaun is always drawn to a good story. A committed urban dweller, he met Polly on the set of a film for Saatchi & Saatchi. He moved to the Tower to be with Polly, grew a beard, worked a chainsaw, and when not playing cricket for the local village team, deepened his knowledge of how to grow wonky veg. Vowing never to return to London, they moved to Tilton House, where Shaun is now chief bonfire starter for retreatees, when he is not overseas making films. They have two children, a beloved dog, two cats, various bird life - goats and horses are still under negotiation.


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